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I have been fully on working from home mode since Feb 2021 and the last time I went to office was before the Chinese New Year this year. Our management decided to continue working from home as it is much more flexible and safer this way. That is why I am so glad that we decided to set up a home office back in January.

1. I work better with two screens

I work much better with two screens instead of one especially during my report research writing. My go to laptop will always be my Macbook Pro and my second laptop is the husband's Asus ROG which connected well with our 32" LG monitor. I have tried to connect my Macbook before but I didn't like it as much. So, two screens it is!

2. Ergonomics Gaming chair saved my back

I remember working and sitting on the dining chair or the bed and suffered a terrible back pains for days. So, I am glad that we decided to invest in proper ergonomic gaming chair that I can used daily without suffering the pains from bad postures. In case you are wondering, our gaming chair is from TT Racing and this is the one that we bought. 

3. Note taking and research reading using iPad 8th Generation & Apple pencil

Other than investing in good chair and monitor, I also bought an iPad around March this year and followed by Apple pencil to help with my research paper reading and note taking. I have to confess that I really love taking note using this iPad and Apple pencil. I even started digital planning soon after. However, I still continue using my usual journal for daily task and reminder etc.

4. Scented candles and essential oils to get me in the 'Productive mood'

I am no stranger to scented candles and essential oils. I love anything that helps to lift up my mood and one of them is calming and soothing scents. My favourite scented candles to get me into the productive mood would be Wild Wave by Nyala and Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works. As for essential oils, I love the combination of Lemon and Peppermint EO to lift my mood especially in the morning.

5. Last but not least, a Work From Home Playlist!

Other than good and calming scents, I also love playing my WFH playlist on the background while I'm working. My absolute favourites would be this one and this also. On other day I may change my music to the old songs or even to KPOP depending on my mood. However, mostly I will be playing a lofi music in the background.

That's all for my work from home essentials and equipment that I'm using to ease my works. Sometimes I don't need much and can work using only my Macbook but sometimes I do need more. I have been trying to cultivate better routine to ensure that I can stay productive especially when the procrastination mood comes crashing. Hope you enjoy this write up and do comment below if you have any WFH essentials and equipments that you could not live without. x

I love writing my Money Diaries series; especially my previous (and only!) two posts. However, in the midst of writing my April's content, I found myself to be in a very privilege place to even brag about all the things that I am still able to afford. While, there are so so so many people out there that is struggling, even to a point of depression and succumbing to self harm and suicide. Its makes me reflect about myself.

I did not come from a well-off family. We always have money problem. A year ago, I was struggling - very very hard. My saving's gone, I took a loan, I even borrowed from a kind-hearted friends who's very kind and helpful to lend me some money to make it into the month end. When Covid19 hits, my previous company was affected so badly and our salary was affected as well. It was so bad.

I am lucky that I managed to find a better job that offer well while I move to be with my husband. I work very hard and try to get as many side income that I can while juggling with work. Again, I am very lucky that my current job allows me to be more flexible especially in work timing so that I can keep hustling for extra income. I even used up all the available Government aids to help me to restore my savings. Its worked for me and I am finally in a place that I know that I am very privileged. Especially, to still have work and side incomes during this challenging time.

I know where I came from and I have never forgotten that. I remember all the kind helps that I have received before and I will never forget that as well. 

With that being said, please note that I will not be writing my monthly financial diaries anymore. I would rather share it in different type of post or advise etc that I deemed alright without me feeling so much guilts. 

Till then x

I thought I try this update post things where I update about what I have been up to - except that it's in monthly edition. This is nothing new but I kind of inspired from fellow Sabahan blogger Lenne with her 5 things monthly. So, let's get into it!

1. Finding out that I have Cervical Fibroids

Earlier in July, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cyst through routine scan. Its was quite shocking for me because the cyst was huge about 7.6cm x 6cm during that time. I was pretty anxious and by early August, we went to see the specialist and the doctor confirmed that it was a cervical fibroids instead and I can only remove it next year. To be honest, I did not have any symptoms prior to knowing that I have fibroids except that my period pain was quite intense all the while since I was a teen. So, if you do have unusual painful period pain, I do advise you to seek medical advice and treatment from the doctor.

2. Still working from home 

Our management was very understanding enough that we are still allowed to work from home even though Labuan already move into Phase 4 in National Recovery Plan. Although another staff has requested to start working from office due to his lack of productivity - he said, not me, while I have requested my boss to work from home at least until next year since we do not need to do much at the office anyway.

3. Dining out for the first time since MCO 3.0

Labuan went into Phase 3 and Phase 4 within a month due to reaching the first 92% adults being vaccinated and low numbers of cases within a month. So, to celebrate our good efforts during MCO 3.0, we finally went out to dine-in and show off our vaccination digital cert hehe. This time, I finally succumbed to my craving and went to eat Ngiu Chap (Beef noodle).

4. Crazy works month

It's actually could be less crazy if I did not procrastinate in earlier months but things happened lol. My work loads has tremendously increased as we added another new staff into our team. It was supposed to help to reduce my workload but due to so many delays, we need to catch up before the year end. So, I have been working diligently and napping frequently as well haha.

5. Updating the blog again

Yes, of course. If you have read my previous blog post here then you know that I only just recently updated my blog after months of absent. I was determined to continue blogging despite taking a break from both blog and Youtube a few months ago.

6. New Blogger theme

Also another reason why I was so determine is because I bought a new theme for my blog! Aha. This time I bought from Underline Designs on Etsy. They were having 15% sales and I thought that I needed some refreshment and motivation to blog as well. If you are wondering why my blog looks very plain without the Instagram plugin', it is because I have decided to go private. So, there will be no Instagram update for now unless you have followed me personally.

7. Celebrated my 32nd birthday

Yours truly turned 32 on the 28th. I was in celebratory mood that we decided to celebrate for 2 days straight. We had a lovely dinner the night before and another lovely lunch date the next day! I did not wish for anything this year except for a good health, good financial status and hopefully that we can have our little mini us by next year. 


8. Enjoying the Phase 4 in Labuan

It was great to finally be able to dine in and enjoy the outdoors more after being cooped up for many months. I will be working from home at least until next year so I truly needed the 'time-out' whenever I feel suffocated inside the house. Even just by going out to buy grocery or running some errands. So, as August goes, I am pretty much content and happy to be able to go out again.

There you go! All the things that I have been up to for the month of August. Its was truly nice to able to dine-out or even go out to the beach and enjoy the fresh breeze. Hopefully other states will soon recover as well and able to go into the next phase successfully. x