Cheesy title. I cringed a little when I picked the title but I guess it's the most suiting of em all since I have wanted to create a new blog with a fresh start. I miss how easy blogging was - I had my previous blog for years, I even bought domain and hosting as I was too caught up with the "List of things Blogger Must Have" which of course, owning your own domain and hosting. I guess I wanted to be "the best" blogger who published good content - perfectly and timely and its finally killed my passion for writing and sharing. Whenever I wanted to write a post - there's struggle within me and "the expectation of me as blogger" and I ended up didn't update my old blog until now. All because I couldn't fit the aesthetic of what I want myself to become.

So, expectation aside. I just wanted to write - about anything that fascinates me. Its could be 70% foods and few percents of traveling, hiking or beauty. Everything. Without me expecting to be all perfect, grammar mistakes free or timely update. Here's to new blog and a great fresh start! x