Hey, remember me?

I used to blog actively before but I decided to quit for a while since I couldn't cope with the wedding planning stresses and other life's challenges. It was also hard for me to maintain my blog with limited financial access so I choose to terminate my previous self-hosted blog. I did what I thought was the best at that moment so I have no regrets.

What's new?

2020, I'm married for 2 months now and still in a long-distance relationship with my husband. Not pregnant - yet; not for the lack of trying but it wasn't the right time yet. Although I have stopped blogging, I have been actively posting my life's vlog on my humble Youtube channel. I love my humble and simple vlog(s) even though sometimes it scares the hell of me sharing my life with strangers online.

So, why am I writing here again? It's just that...

I'm a writer. I'm always (will always be) great in writing my feelings out instead of talking it out. Sure inserting some melancholy sentences in my vlog is alright but I tend to do it all the time. I guess that I just miss writing. I missed it so much that I revived the old Blogspot that I have created back in 2017. 

Does this mean that I'm back in blogging?

Yeah, most probably. Let us see how. No promises and just me writing and I'm OK with that. No mentioning about self-hosting for now since I couldn't afford it yet but we will see where is this going.