Today marked the 54th days since the Movement Control Order has been enforced in our country, Malaysia. Conditional Movement Control Order i.e CMCO has been further extended to 9th June as per informed by our Prime Minister. Lots of company starting to re-open businesses and tons of car on the road daily, do you think that CMCO is working or not?

Anyway, I thought that I will bring back my previous Sunday's Favourites post where I will be sharing a list of my current favourites things.  Shall we begin? 

The return of 'normal' sleeping schedule routine

My sleeping schedule was pretty fucked up during the earlier phases of MCO. I will sleep very late around 3 AM in the morning, woke up at 10, and took evening naps usually from 5PM until 8 PM. It was very messy. However,  once my work's rotation became 4 times per week, I know I have to fix my sleeping schedule. My body clock finally attuned to my old sleeping schedule. Although, I still binge-watch Netflix and play PUBG mobile until 12 to 1 AM-ish, sometimes.

Keeping up with my daily gratitude list

One thing that I'm really proud this month is keeping up with my daily gratitude list. I spend less than 5 minutes daily to write down what am I grateful for that particular day. Usually I will missed few days and I always feel bad about it. I hope that I can continue this momentum throughout the year.

Minimal and simple skincare routine

One of many good thing that had happened during MCO is that my skincare routine has further cut down to the basic. There is only 3 steps in the morning as in the night time. For my morning routine, it consisted of toner, moisturizer and sunblock. While, for my night time routine consist of Toner, my DIY face serum and lastly moisturizer. My skin condition also has improved a lots since I spend less time wearing make up nowadays. 

The World of the Married Couple

I haven't watched any Korean's drama for years. Mostly because repetitive plots and I usually gave up in the middle of the story. However, the World of the Married Couple came crashing into my life and I am hooked. The husband and I waited weekly for the next episodes to see what's going to happen next. I'm also in the middle of downloading episode 13 and episode 14 now

The drama, the betrayal, the suspense and the plot twist. Gosh, I really love it!

Sharing my bullet journal on my YouTube channel

After so many months contemplating whether to share and wondering how to shoot the bullet journal spread, I finally uploaded my May's bullet journal spread on my YouTube's channel. If you have not watch my May's bullet journal spread yet, please do check it out below:

Till then, stay at home and stay safe everyone! x