Guess who's back? Yep, moi.

It has been too long since my last update which was in the month of May. Since then, things got a little bit under controlled and we went to the recovery phase mode. But, everything has gotten worst ever since the state election and we went back to Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) here in Kota Kinabalu. 


Life has been hard for us in Sabah for the past few weeks. Hopefully everyone continue to stay strong and stay vigilant! #kitajagakita Anyway, I thought of writing a quick update since I'm on sick leave due to seasonal flu today. 

Getting used to the 'new norma' lifestyle

To be honest, it wasn't that hard to follow the new 2020 - post covid19's lifestyle. You only have to follow the given SOPs such as avoiding crowded place, frequently washing your hand and don't forget to wear your mask. I bet by now everyone already gotten used to checking in via MySejahtera app and temperature checking when they are going out.

Back to long distance marriage and its suck

Yeap, both hubs and I are back being in long distance marriage. We have the privilege to be stuck together during total lock-down back in March until August. He is no longer working 2 hours away as we are now separated by state border. LOL 

With the longer distance, we have plan for me to travel during weekend to visit him since it is more convenient for me. Unfortunately, Sabah has undergo state and district restriction's order so it may be quite a while before I can see the hubs again.

Sure, we have experience being in long distance relationship before but now that we are married, it is getting harder and painful to be far away from your loved one. I pray that one day we will be reunited and no longer living separately far away from each other. Amen to that!

Enrolled in new class and I'm back being a student

It was only about 2 and half months course but I was so motivated! In fact, I have started to take many online training course afterwards. This is to help me to have as much as opportunity needed during my new job application journey. I will talk about job's seeking update sooner or later. 

Anyway, I am taking Conversational Mandarin class with 36 credit hours. So far I'm loving the class. The teacher is helpful, kind and funny. I have even started to talk a little bit in Mandarin with my colleague. So, I really hope that this course will help to improve my Chinese speaking skills. 

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