I am not a full time Youtuber to be honest. Plus, I just started to actively upload videos or vlog on Youtube since September last year and I don't give a f for subscribers count. I really just love editing and uploading videos, on my own timing. So expect the unexpected from me. LOL

In today's post, I would love to share what types of equipment and also editing apps/software that I have been using to create my Youtube videos. Please note that I am still a beginner myself and I'm slowly upgrading my equipment as my skills improve.

SONY A6000 with Kit Lens

This is the recent addition to my stash. I bought this camera second-hand from a friend and absolutely in love with it. Although it has been 5 years since the debut but it is still the most recommended MirrorLess Digital Camera for a beginner. I'm still learning how to use certain camera's functions  and I'm very thankful that my husband is a Tech-Savvy so he mostly taught me and helped me to pre-set all the settings beforehand.

iPhone X

Before I went ahead and bought the Sony A6000, I mostly shoot my videos using my mobile phone. I'm currently using the iPhone X which equipped with 64GB memories. It can shoot up to 4K videos which feature that the old Sony A6000 is lacking. I totally recommended using your own mobile phone to shoot videos for Youtube. You can learn how to properly take awesome transition videos, the famous B-roll and so many more. 


I have 2 types of tripods that I'm personally and currently using. One is the old and trusty gorilla tripod while the other one is the taller and tad expensive (yet cheap coz I bought it from Shoppee!) tripod. I have 3 different sizes of the gorilla's tripod. The bigger one I use for the camera, medium size is for my phone while the smaller one is for the GoPro Hero 4 which I no longer using.

VLLO Editing Apps

I got to know about this apps from the famous Korean's Youtuber - Hyonyeo and Ondo. Most Korean's Youtuber used this apps on their phone to edit their videos and vlog. The interface was very simple and easy to use. Plus, there are tons of cute stickers and themes so I no longer need to edit my videos using other software or apps. I find that it is easier to edit my videos on the phone instead of laptop because I do not own any laptop now. Once I have a laptop in future, I will definitely going to try other editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. 

That's all for today. You can check out my vlog here:

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I got my third tattoos a few months ago, a week before my 31st birthday and I am very happy. You probably have seen this on my Instagram. This ink excites me the most because it is not hidden, unlike my two previous inks. Previously, I purposely choose a much-hidden area for my tattoos as a sign of 'respect' to my parents. Now that I'm married and my husband did not care about my tattoo placement, thus, I have decided to get it on my left forearm. Yay!

My latest ink was inspired by Hillsong's worship song called Ocean. This song called to my soul like no other, apart from Broken Vessel. I really love the verse:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

2020, so many uncertainties that make me doubt about the future. I was perplexed at how fast and easy it was to lose so many in such a short time. Back in 2019, I have so many good plans for this year but I was not able to achieve anything. 2020 is a year of surviving for most of us. To be able to secure another job during recession is definitely a grace from above. Hence, I am beyond thankful and grateful for it.

I do not know where the spirit will lead me next. I hope for a great one where I will be reunited with my husband and finally able to end our long distance marriage. I am ready for the next adventure!

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Happy Sunday peeps! I am back with another round of Sunday Favourites. I'm definitely going to keep this series in this blog for a long run. How's everyone handling the extended CMCO so far? I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe at home. #flattenthecurve

Domain & New Blog's Theme

No worries, I did not buy any hosting this time. I'm still sad over my previous self-hosted blog and I could not commit to another new one at the moment. However, to re-live my blogging's passion, I have decided to get a domain and a new blog's theme!

I got my domain from NetKL and they are so kind and fast in helping me to setup everything. While my new blogger's theme is from Etsy Shop here. They were having a huge sales and I got the theme for less than RM30. What a great catch!

Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream

I have never thought to use this brand as my face cream. However, my skin was very dry and extremely sensitive due to the weather and constant everyday-wear of face mask. So, I have decided to give this cream a try. Surprisingly, it was so good! Its helped to moisturised my skin without irritating the redness and help to fix the dry flakiness. Its also did not break my bank and my face - literally. Definitely going to keep using this product and monitor my skin improvement. 

LinkedIn Learning

Ever since I was on the job hunt a month ago, I was very active in LinkedIn. I used the platform not only for checking job's opportunity but also to gain extra skills, especially the high demand skill on the market. I had tried the LinkedIn Training for a month for free and I really love it! I think I managed to get at least more than 10 certificates and it was shown on my LinkedIn profile. If you wish to expand your skills and knowledge, definitely go ahead and try LinkedIn Learning for 1 month free. It was worth it!

Netflix Series - Emily in Paris

Oh, how I wish this series is longer! I love everything about this series. I'm so fascinated with Paris and France culture in particular and I love how it was portrayed in the series. Plus, so many good looking hunk and sexy yet funny scenes as well. It was so good that I binged watch all series in a day! Phiew.

Enjoying Pen Pals with another Youtubers

Have you check out my new youtube's video? Ah, yes! I'm finally doing a Pen Pals video with another Sabahan's Youtuber. Do check them out! x

Thank you so much for reading! Till then 
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