A year ago, on this date 28th December, I said I do to one of my greatest friend and I now called him my husband. We spend our one year marriage life stuck at home for a few months due to the world's pandemic - Ms. Corona and another few months apart due to long distance. 

Marriage life, especially if you married your best friend is fun. Most of the time. Minus the misunderstanding and few small fights here and there. Now that we are no longer in long distance relationship, I could say that I enjoyed being married. 

My inner Nigella is very content and happy being able to clean and cook for her family. She sleep content every night ever since we moved. Although my other half have not yet stop complaining about the amount of hair fall he'd discover every single day. Opps!

So, cheers to being married for 365 days (make it 366 since 2020 is a leap year!) and I pray for many many blessings in our marriage life. Please keep us both in your prayers!