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Sunday Favourites #3

Happy Sunday loves! Just a few more days before Christmas and a new year 2021 approaching us. Little did we know that 2020 was a very unexpected year for most of us. Yet, I am thankful for even a smallest blessing in disguise that it has brought to me and my family and friends. This will be my last Sunday Favourites for 2020 and I will surely continue this series next year. 

Favourite Christmas Playlist

I have been blasting off Christmas songs non stop since early December. Christmas is one of my most favourite holiday. It is the time when everyone gathered up with family and friends and enjoy the feast and celebration. Both the mister and I have decided to not go back this year due to Sabah is still under CMCO until 31st Dec and we have to undergo two covid19 test and fork out huge amount of cash only for the test. Plus, the risk of travelling during these holiday season and bringing some viruses to our elderly is so scary. 😟 This is our first year being away during Christmas holiday. So, playing this Christmas playlist definitely help to kick the unhappy mood away.

New Cooking Utensils

The time has finally come for me to admit that I am such an aunty who currently enjoyed her new cooking utensils. We moved out last week and rent out another apartment for the sake of our little privacy and we went for homeware hunting and we bought a cooking pot and pan set. It was cheap, less than RM50 and we bought it from One Stop Superstore. If you are Malaysian; especially Sabahan, you will know how unreliable and flimsy cheap thing from the store is. So, I'm very surprised on the quality of the pot and pan and currently enjoy cooking dinner with it.

New Skincare and Makeup Routine

In case you did not read my latest bio, I am currently living on a small island called Labuan FT. Labuan is Federal Territory which previously was under Sabah but not anymore. It's hard to predict the island weather here but it is mostly humid and very hot. Trust me, I had a hard time adjusting with the weather. For the first few weeks since I arrived here, I did not even bothered to put on any makeup because everything melted in sweats less than 5 minutes. So, here is my new skincare routine and make up routine:

Not in the photo: my go-to daily cleanser from Althea's Bare Essential skincare line. Currently I'm using  both HadaLabo (Sensitive skincare range) for my lotion and moisturizer. I freaking love both of this product and will definitely going to repurchase it. As for my sunscreen, I am using Loreal UV Perfect Matte & Fresh. Despite the humidity, I still want to look presentable and I usually will smear on some cream and I'm using the IN2IT BB Aqua Makeup cream and then proceed to fill my eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil. Since we are still using face mask as part of our everyday accessories, I could not be bothered to put on lipstick and it will stain my mask. 😷 

I guess that is all for my recent favourites and I hope you guys enjoy reading this short sharing. Wishing everyone an early Christmas and New Year greeting. Please enjoy and stay safe wherever you are! x