Hey loves! Hope it is still not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great New year celebration while adhering to SOPs. If you have watched my recent vlog, then you know that I had a blast even though we did not managed to go back to our hometown this year.

This year, I would like to start sharing my goals of the year - again. I have omitted this sort of resolutions-ish list in many years because it seem so hard to achieve it. Since I only have 3 goals this year and it is truly seem like do-able, so I've decided to share it.

Healthy lifestyle - stay active!

I know, so cliché right?! But I have decided to make my health as priority this year as we will be focusing in TTC (Trying-to-conceive, for those who doesn't know). If you notice, I did not put specific goal like "lose weight" etc because I know that the weight will come off once I choose a better lifestyle. Both the mister and I had started exercising and portion-control this week. Hopefully there will be a good news soon! *fingers crossed*

Clear Easy Debts

Hah?! Pretty controversial word - debts. With family planning on-the-way, surely we want more financial freedoms to ensure that we can afford to raise our family. So, clearing some overdue and easy debts will be one of my goals this year. Truth to be told, even for an easy debts, the total amount is almost RM5K. Efk! It will be very nice if I can clear this off and not adding anymore debts! I need to focus and manifest more.

Save up for Emergency Fund + Small Investment

2020 had shown me how important it is to have an emergency fund. Although it's now had dried up due to uncertain times last year, it is now a time to refill the fund again. I have set up two types of savings this year and planning to add another one (which I still need to recalculate..but so far so good). Apart from that, I also would like to try to invest in small investment such as gold. If you know any good one, please do not hesitate to let me know as I'm still doing my research. 

So, that's for my 2021 goals. I told you I only have 3 and I hope I can achieve all three before or by end of 2021. Do you set any goals for this year? Despite the crazy times that we had in 2020? Please share in the comment below.