With Covid-19 daily cases have tremendously increase to crazy 5K numbers, I no longer put any hope that this MCO 2.0 will be over soon. That also means that I will be in 'working from home' mode for quite awhile; maybe for the year of 2021 - who knows, right! 

On normal work from home days (pre-home office setup), I will work from the dining table and sat on the dining chair which is very uncomfortable. It is because our dining chair is made of wood and not ergonomic at all. I even bought a small table for me to work on the bed and invest in good quality of wireless mouse but my back and neck still suffered from the long hours of work. The only good thing come out from all these stiffness is that I started to do yoga again, which is to stretch all the sore points.


So, I had a productive discussion with the husband - giving him my pros and (less) cons for setting up our home office. He was surprisingly very OK with my plan. Probably because I plan to split the bills 50/50. We did our round of research on good ergonomic chair - gaming chair preferable because the husband will use this setup for his gaming time and also good monitor that serve as normal monitor and our TV. Here's our cost breakdown for each purchase for our home office setup:

We could save a little bit more if we have better option available. Unfortunately, due to MCO 2.0, the postage to Labuan is either non-existing or too expensive; plus the risk of good being damage during transit is too high. We are also unable to go back to Sabah, so we have very limited choice IRL. *sniff* Apart from my multi dock adapter for my macbook, we purchased the rest of the items from a local Tech shop in Labuan. Sadly they do not have the adapter in stock, hence why I have to buy it online instead. 

All in all, we are very happy with our purchase and our setup. This time around, we do not need to buy a study table because it is already available in our furnished apartment so we save around RM300 there. The husband decided to upgrade his gaming station and bought a joystick too. I have no complain about that because I know I will be using it as well. (as soon as I know how haha) 

After splitting the bills, each of us contribute RM1K+ for this setup. I hope with this home office setup, I can be more productive and no more procrastinating, especially during editing. I truly believe that this setup is a very good investment for both physical and mental well being for us. Anyway, I'm starting a new monthly series in this blog called 'Money Diaries' - I will be writing about my financial goal and investment; as well as trying to stick to budget etc. Hope you guys will like this!