Happy Sunday love! It has been a while since my last Sunday Favourites as I have been superb busy with work and basically life. Fret not, today I will be sharing my recent favourites with all of you. Hope you enjoy this post and please leave a comment so I would know.

AirPods Pro 2020

I finally got myself an AirPods Pro! I have been having problem with my wireless Bluetooth earphone and decided to invest on a better one. Hence, I choose the Airpod Pro 2020 edition. I am so freaking in love with it, especially the noise cancellation and how seamless and effortless it is to change between my iPhone and my Macbook when I'm listening to musics, editing video or even watching movie. This is one of the best purchase that I have made in 2021, apart from my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Cute Airpods Pro Cases

I bought two cute cases for my Airpod from Shopee. Both are cheap but function well and look damn cute af! I'm currently using the Starbucks case on my airpod to avoid it from scratches and whatnot. Ain't it look cute and superb adorable?!

ESR Brand Phone Cases

One of the best phone cases brand that I have found in Shopee! I have three ESR cases as of now and I really love the quality and the price tag. It is only about RM20-ish or less during sales. The quality of ESR brand cases is in par with those case that came with RM80~RM100+ price tag. It is very protective and durable as it's also not slippery. The only downside is that it did not have many design choice apart from simple and minimal one.

Haidilao Soup Base for Steamboat

I bought mine from this Shopee shop here. Gosh, it was so delicious and we are having BBQ and steamboat at home more frequently now. I love the original soup base and also the mushroom one. Normally, one package of the soup will be enough for two session (for two-three pax per session) and it is only for RM7~ish (also depend on which shop you go for) as I always pick the one with free shipping above RM10/RM15 hehe

You can check out my unboxing video and also our steamboat and BBQ session here in my recent vlog:

That is all for this Sunday's favourite and thank you for reading. x