Hey guys! Its has been a hot minutes since my last update and I thought of writing some updates just to clear some things up. In case some has been wondering how am I doing while trying to survive this extended lockdown period in Malaysia. Although, I am happen to live in Labuan at the moment and we will start rolling into Phase 4 in National Recovery Plan today!

Completed my Covid-19 Vaccination

I have completed my vaccination back in the end of June and have been enjoying the extra *protections* plus still complying to SOPs since then. I am glad the vaccination process has been speed up in Labuan due to the high daily cases back in May - June and we have manage to reached the herd community by end of July. I hope everyone will still comply to SOPs and those who haven't got their vaccine yet to go and get it asap.

So, I'll share some of my symptoms post-vaccination as below (if you're wondering, I got Pfizer, not that I cares much as long as it's a vaccine):
  • 1st dose
    • Flu and slightly increase of basal temperature 8 hours after vaccination
    • Increased of appetite 
    • Soreness at the jab area
    • Nothing like carbs and a good sleep can't fix!
  • 2nd dose
    • I feel fine at the earliest hours and I was so damn excited about it
    • Fever broke in the middle of the night; I was feverish
    • All-over-body aches like I have been hit by the damn truck for the whole next day
    • Vomit - but I think it was due to other reason
    • All symptoms went down by day 3 except for the soreness at the jab area - that took about 5 days to go away

New Skincare Products

Oh yeah, I have been collecting some new skincare to try on as my skin is not behaving nicely anymore. I blame it on the hormones. Below are some products that I have recently added to my skincare and body care stash!

  • Hada Labo Gyokujun Premium Toner/Essence 
    • At first I was surprised with this toner or essence consistency. It was thick and only few tiny drops is enough for my face. It's slightly has an oily feeling but it works superb on my dry skin. 
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
    • I'm no strangers with this product. I have used it few times and decided to go back to it again when my usual sleeping mask gel is not in stock. Again, work extremely well for my skin.
  • Kayman Skintella Repairing Serum
    • I have read tons of good review of this product online. Be it on blog or even on Twitter. Decided to buy it and give it a try. I've only been using it twice so far and I may write a different post about it later.
  • 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream
    • Again, another hot product on TikTok. A lots of people rave about how good and affordable this is. Only use it once for now and may write a different blog post about it later.
  • Rosken Probiotic Cream
    • The only body care product on this list. I have always love Rosken. Most of my body lotion is from Rosken so I know that this is going work wonderfully for me. Due to hormonal change, my skin including my whole body has become extremely dry. Some parts of my body become too dry and itchy and now inflame. *cries* Luckily I saw someone shared this product online and I have been using it ever since. If you have eczema or psoriasis, I will totally recommended this lotion to you.

Taking a break from Social Media

Due to my nature of works, I am unable to cut the chain from the social medias - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Plus, I tend to over-binged everything and it has taking its toll on me. Earlier in August, I was so devastated with the local Malaysian artist - Siti Sarah who passed away due to Covid and have to undergo emergency caesarean to save her baby. Unfortunately, she could not make it and I took it so badly that my anxiety went rampant for days! I was so affected that I cried for days. Then, I decided to turn off my social medias for few days to calm myself. Every now and then, I occasionally took some breaks and only allow screen time once or twice a day. This work for me, for now.

I hope I am able to be active in blogging again as I'm currently taking a break from vlogging on Youtube. There's just too much things on my plate that I don't think I can carry or do alone. Hence explains the long hiatus and so on. 

Still, thank you for reading my blog. Till then x