I thought I try this update post things where I update about what I have been up to - except that it's in monthly edition. This is nothing new but I kind of inspired from fellow Sabahan blogger Lenne with her 5 things monthly. So, let's get into it!

1. Finding out that I have Cervical Fibroids

Earlier in July, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cyst through routine scan. Its was quite shocking for me because the cyst was huge about 7.6cm x 6cm during that time. I was pretty anxious and by early August, we went to see the specialist and the doctor confirmed that it was a cervical fibroids instead and I can only remove it next year. To be honest, I did not have any symptoms prior to knowing that I have fibroids except that my period pain was quite intense all the while since I was a teen. So, if you do have unusual painful period pain, I do advise you to seek medical advice and treatment from the doctor.

2. Still working from home 

Our management was very understanding enough that we are still allowed to work from home even though Labuan already move into Phase 4 in National Recovery Plan. Although another staff has requested to start working from office due to his lack of productivity - he said, not me, while I have requested my boss to work from home at least until next year since we do not need to do much at the office anyway.

3. Dining out for the first time since MCO 3.0

Labuan went into Phase 3 and Phase 4 within a month due to reaching the first 92% adults being vaccinated and low numbers of cases within a month. So, to celebrate our good efforts during MCO 3.0, we finally went out to dine-in and show off our vaccination digital cert hehe. This time, I finally succumbed to my craving and went to eat Ngiu Chap (Beef noodle).

4. Crazy works month

It's actually could be less crazy if I did not procrastinate in earlier months but things happened lol. My work loads has tremendously increased as we added another new staff into our team. It was supposed to help to reduce my workload but due to so many delays, we need to catch up before the year end. So, I have been working diligently and napping frequently as well haha.

5. Updating the blog again

Yes, of course. If you have read my previous blog post here then you know that I only just recently updated my blog after months of absent. I was determined to continue blogging despite taking a break from both blog and Youtube a few months ago.

6. New Blogger theme

Also another reason why I was so determine is because I bought a new theme for my blog! Aha. This time I bought from Underline Designs on Etsy. They were having 15% sales and I thought that I needed some refreshment and motivation to blog as well. If you are wondering why my blog looks very plain without the Instagram plugin', it is because I have decided to go private. So, there will be no Instagram update for now unless you have followed me personally.

7. Celebrated my 32nd birthday

Yours truly turned 32 on the 28th. I was in celebratory mood that we decided to celebrate for 2 days straight. We had a lovely dinner the night before and another lovely lunch date the next day! I did not wish for anything this year except for a good health, good financial status and hopefully that we can have our little mini us by next year. 


8. Enjoying the Phase 4 in Labuan

It was great to finally be able to dine in and enjoy the outdoors more after being cooped up for many months. I will be working from home at least until next year so I truly needed the 'time-out' whenever I feel suffocated inside the house. Even just by going out to buy grocery or running some errands. So, as August goes, I am pretty much content and happy to be able to go out again.

There you go! All the things that I have been up to for the month of August. Its was truly nice to able to dine-out or even go out to the beach and enjoy the fresh breeze. Hopefully other states will soon recover as well and able to go into the next phase successfully. x