I love writing my Money Diaries series; especially my previous (and only!) two posts. However, in the midst of writing my April's content, I found myself to be in a very privilege place to even brag about all the things that I am still able to afford. While, there are so so so many people out there that is struggling, even to a point of depression and succumbing to self harm and suicide. Its makes me reflect about myself.

I did not come from a well-off family. We always have money problem. A year ago, I was struggling - very very hard. My saving's gone, I took a loan, I even borrowed from a kind-hearted friends who's very kind and helpful to lend me some money to make it into the month end. When Covid19 hits, my previous company was affected so badly and our salary was affected as well. It was so bad.

I am lucky that I managed to find a better job that offer well while I move to be with my husband. I work very hard and try to get as many side income that I can while juggling with work. Again, I am very lucky that my current job allows me to be more flexible especially in work timing so that I can keep hustling for extra income. I even used up all the available Government aids to help me to restore my savings. Its worked for me and I am finally in a place that I know that I am very privileged. Especially, to still have work and side incomes during this challenging time.

I know where I came from and I have never forgotten that. I remember all the kind helps that I have received before and I will never forget that as well. 

With that being said, please note that I will not be writing my monthly financial diaries anymore. I would rather share it in different type of post or advise etc that I deemed alright without me feeling so much guilts. 

Till then x