Guess who's back? Yep, moi.

It has been too long since my last update which was in the month of May. Since then, things got a little bit under controlled and we went to the recovery phase mode. But, everything has gotten worst ever since the state election and we went back to Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) here in Kota Kinabalu. 


Life has been hard for us in Sabah for the past few weeks. Hopefully everyone continue to stay strong and stay vigilant! #kitajagakita Anyway, I thought of writing a quick update since I'm on sick leave due to seasonal flu today. 

Getting used to the 'new norma' lifestyle

To be honest, it wasn't that hard to follow the new 2020 - post covid19's lifestyle. You only have to follow the given SOPs such as avoiding crowded place, frequently washing your hand and don't forget to wear your mask. I bet by now everyone already gotten used to checking in via MySejahtera app and temperature checking when they are going out.

Back to long distance marriage and its suck

Yeap, both hubs and I are back being in long distance marriage. We have the privilege to be stuck together during total lock-down back in March until August. He is no longer working 2 hours away as we are now separated by state border. LOL 

With the longer distance, we have plan for me to travel during weekend to visit him since it is more convenient for me. Unfortunately, Sabah has undergo state and district restriction's order so it may be quite a while before I can see the hubs again.

Sure, we have experience being in long distance relationship before but now that we are married, it is getting harder and painful to be far away from your loved one. I pray that one day we will be reunited and no longer living separately far away from each other. Amen to that!

Enrolled in new class and I'm back being a student

It was only about 2 and half months course but I was so motivated! In fact, I have started to take many online training course afterwards. This is to help me to have as much as opportunity needed during my new job application journey. I will talk about job's seeking update sooner or later. 

Anyway, I am taking Conversational Mandarin class with 36 credit hours. So far I'm loving the class. The teacher is helpful, kind and funny. I have even started to talk a little bit in Mandarin with my colleague. So, I really hope that this course will help to improve my Chinese speaking skills. 

For more life updates, you may check out my vlog!

In case you didn't know, I have a Youtube channel. Below are my few recent vlogs:

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Till the next blog post,
Today marked the 54th days since the Movement Control Order has been enforced in our country, Malaysia. Conditional Movement Control Order i.e CMCO has been further extended to 9th June as per informed by our Prime Minister. Lots of company starting to re-open businesses and tons of car on the road daily, do you think that CMCO is working or not?

Anyway, I thought that I will bring back my previous Sunday's Favourites post where I will be sharing a list of my current favourites things.  Shall we begin? 

The return of 'normal' sleeping schedule routine

My sleeping schedule was pretty fucked up during the earlier phases of MCO. I will sleep very late around 3 AM in the morning, woke up at 10, and took evening naps usually from 5PM until 8 PM. It was very messy. However,  once my work's rotation became 4 times per week, I know I have to fix my sleeping schedule. My body clock finally attuned to my old sleeping schedule. Although, I still binge-watch Netflix and play PUBG mobile until 12 to 1 AM-ish, sometimes.

Keeping up with my daily gratitude list

One thing that I'm really proud this month is keeping up with my daily gratitude list. I spend less than 5 minutes daily to write down what am I grateful for that particular day. Usually I will missed few days and I always feel bad about it. I hope that I can continue this momentum throughout the year.

Minimal and simple skincare routine

One of many good thing that had happened during MCO is that my skincare routine has further cut down to the basic. There is only 3 steps in the morning as in the night time. For my morning routine, it consisted of toner, moisturizer and sunblock. While, for my night time routine consist of Toner, my DIY face serum and lastly moisturizer. My skin condition also has improved a lots since I spend less time wearing make up nowadays. 

The World of the Married Couple

I haven't watched any Korean's drama for years. Mostly because repetitive plots and I usually gave up in the middle of the story. However, the World of the Married Couple came crashing into my life and I am hooked. The husband and I waited weekly for the next episodes to see what's going to happen next. I'm also in the middle of downloading episode 13 and episode 14 now

The drama, the betrayal, the suspense and the plot twist. Gosh, I really love it!

Sharing my bullet journal on my YouTube channel

After so many months contemplating whether to share and wondering how to shoot the bullet journal spread, I finally uploaded my May's bullet journal spread on my YouTube's channel. If you have not watch my May's bullet journal spread yet, please do check it out below:

Till then, stay at home and stay safe everyone! x

Hey, it has been a while, isn't? 

This entire MCO (read: Movement Control Order) has certainly changed all of our lives. During this partial lockdown, I finally understand that I am not a hundred percent a homebody. I still need to go out or else I may feel suffocated and restricted. A right balance of being in social events and being a huge homebody is APPARENTLY very crucial for me. I may not even a full introvert after all.

So, how is everyone? I hope everyone is coping well with the MCO which now will be extended for another 2 weeks until 12th May. I doubt it will end there since we are doing pretty well as at now. As for myself, this is how I have been coping with this current MCO:

More Productive in Work-related tasks

Honestly, I was quite struggling during the first and second phases of MCO. Once our company was allowed to operate as usual with lesser workers, I started to feel a little bit normal again and actually become more productive and proactive. With lesser time being in the office, I take my time to follow up on all pending tasks and make sure that I read all the emails. I'm not sure about you but I get tons of work emails in a day so sometimes I just tick 'read' without even actually reading it. 

On a day where I have to work from home, I woke up as late as 7:50 AM to check on my phone. Usually by still lounging on the bed with the husband still snoring, obviously. Now that I have combined my personal bullet journal with work-related, I am more than happy to check on my pending tasks at home. Currently, I'm on working-rotation of 3 days work from the office and another 3 days work from home. 

I will be alternatively working 4 days from the office starting this week at the commence of the 4th phase of MCO. Unfortunately, the other day where I'm not in the office will have to be considered as unpaid leave as our small company could not afford to pay all our salaries in full due to less production. Less production = Less profit, we barely making any now. #sadtruth

Being a full-time Housewife

I am a weekend wife because my husband only comes back home on the weekend. Yes, we are in long-distance marriage but it is OK for now. So, on the day where I'm working from home, I have become a full-time housewife since my husband is stuck with me during this MCO. I kinda have a love and hate feelings that I'm stuck with my husband 24/7 for a month now. I love that I do not have to miss him because he is literally and physically was with me every single day. But oh man, I did not know that my husband is such a talker, he talks and asks so many questions every time we watch a new movie or drama. 

Drama aside, I really enjoy my husband's company and cooking breakfast (or brunch in our cases lol), dinner, making some kueh for tea time. I mean, my inner Nigella is so proud and keep patting my shoulder. Although my jean is definitely getting tighter every single day! *cries*

Sharpening up my non-existent culinary skill

Alright, I do not mean to brag but my mom taught me how to cook since young. I can whipped nice simple breakfast, lunch or dinner even with less ingredient available and the food will still be edible. Sometimes it is very delicious and sometime it is just okay. 

Here's some fun fact: some people thought that I could not cook. But honestly, I can. So, during this MCO, I have been cooking more than before. Usually, it will be alternate schedule between my mom and my little sister and I. However, since my mom was currently away with my dad so only my sister and I left to cook. 

Again, I'm afraid I could not fit into my jean by the end of this MCO. Help!

Blogging / Vlogging (again...)

I didn't vlog much during this MCO because everything got too repetitive and I do not want to post the same things over and over again. Blogging on the other hand, I do have few draft posts waiting to be publish. So, YAY for blog's productivity!

Anyway, in case you haven't subscribe to my Youtube's channel, below are my recent vlogs for you to binge-watch if you are bored. I'm in the midst of editing some new vlog as well, so if you like my vlog, please do not hesitate to click the subscribe button

I guess this is how I'm currently trying to cope with this ongoing MCO. I bet that this won't stop here and it will further extended to ensure no more third nor fourth wave of infection occur. Wherever you are right now, I wish that you are healthy and staying at home. If you are working as a front-liner, THANK YOU SO MUCH. From the bottom of my heart, I thanked you for your service and pray for your safety and health.

Stay at home and stay safe everyone. Till then x

Even though there are only 29 days in February but I feel like it drag longer than I anticipated. There are too many personal problems that occurred, from the financial state to the mental and physical's health issues. I also did not upload any weekend vlog in February so I decided to just compiled all the videos under one monthly vlog instead.

Check it out!
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Hey, remember me?

I used to blog actively before but I decided to quit for a while since I couldn't cope with the wedding planning stresses and other life's challenges. It was also hard for me to maintain my blog with limited financial access so I choose to terminate my previous self-hosted blog. I did what I thought was the best at that moment so I have no regrets.

What's new?

2020, I'm married for 2 months now and still in a long-distance relationship with my husband. Not pregnant - yet; not for the lack of trying but it wasn't the right time yet. Although I have stopped blogging, I have been actively posting my life's vlog on my humble Youtube channel. I love my humble and simple vlog(s) even though sometimes it scares the hell of me sharing my life with strangers online.

So, why am I writing here again? It's just that...

I'm a writer. I'm always (will always be) great in writing my feelings out instead of talking it out. Sure inserting some melancholy sentences in my vlog is alright but I tend to do it all the time. I guess that I just miss writing. I missed it so much that I revived the old Blogspot that I have created back in 2017. 

Does this mean that I'm back in blogging?

Yeah, most probably. Let us see how. No promises and just me writing and I'm OK with that. No mentioning about self-hosting for now since I couldn't afford it yet but we will see where is this going.

Cheesy title. I cringed a little when I picked the title but I guess it's the most suiting of em all since I have wanted to create a new blog with a fresh start. I miss how easy blogging was - I had my previous blog for years, I even bought domain and hosting as I was too caught up with the "List of things Blogger Must Have" which of course, owning your own domain and hosting. I guess I wanted to be "the best" blogger who published good content - perfectly and timely and its finally killed my passion for writing and sharing. Whenever I wanted to write a post - there's struggle within me and "the expectation of me as blogger" and I ended up didn't update my old blog until now. All because I couldn't fit the aesthetic of what I want myself to become.

So, expectation aside. I just wanted to write - about anything that fascinates me. Its could be 70% foods and few percents of traveling, hiking or beauty. Everything. Without me expecting to be all perfect, grammar mistakes free or timely update. Here's to new blog and a great fresh start! x